Friday, May 22, 2009

New work on

I just posted the above images to my site (search thebluedoorstudio).

The first image is an original oil painting on canvas of the Massanutten Story Book Trail in Virginia where I could see a prescribed burn happening as my husband was running on the trails along Gap Creek (that exact area). A bit scary- but I obviously kept myself occupied with my second plein aire painting. The canvas is a 2" deep stretcher and is finished with black paint along the edges to give a more modern look and avoid a frame.

The second image is an original oil monotype of Cacapon State Forest that has been hand embellished. I started that piece last year and finally hand-embellished it and have it framed under glass with a white matte and a black frame- very sweet (if I do say so myself). I almost threw it out, but finally worked through my "art block" to make a nice little piece.

The last image is a digital photo of a native WV Trout that my husband caught and I happened to get a great image of it. Native fish are small but so beautiful; this one is in the Canaan Valley area. This image is printed in my own studio on photo paper using an inkjet printer and is available in 4x6 and 5x7 print size with matte board and archival backing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art and Craft Guild Award

Here are some photos from the West Virginia Art and Craft Guild's traveling show. It has just ended and I'll be picking up the two pieces pictured in Parkersburg soon! It was a great show. The first image is of me getting an award for "Goff Carriage House".