Thursday, February 25, 2010

Benchmark Drawings

Here is a benchmark drawing from one of my Kindergarten students in Mill Creek. I just found it today going through things for a student exhibit next week at the Randolph County Community Arts Center and thought it was so hilarious! I don't know what in the world this kid thinks deer do- but that definitely looks like poo to me. Enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Little Seneca Creek Painting

Here is "Little Seneca Creek"!  This was a fun oil painting- start to finish.  I had been on an adventure with Adam this fall along Seneca Creek and took some neat photos- especially this one of a little stream that flowed into Seneca Creek.  I usually don't start a painting with a single-color underpainting, but for some reason I tried it with orange since it was a colorful scene and I think it really made it "glow".  Even though I covered up a lot of the orange (even the orange seen in the leaves is different from the initial orange underpainting), it still seems to seep up to the top and warm up the water/grass/trees.  It is just so neat- I'm sure to try that technique again soon.  Adam and his friend, Dan are planning a three day stage run in October that starts at The Mountain Institute on Spruce Knob and runs past this spot on one of the three days.  The WV Trilogy should be a really beautiful weekend of running!