Friday, September 18, 2009

Square-format oil on canvas. I was not too keen on the square canvas at first, but it is really neat to showcase specific objects this way. I sold this within the first few weeks it was at Artists at Work Gallery. I am working on a few more object studies and will probably continue with the square-format canvases even though they go mostly against what aesthetics say. They're cool! This picture does no justice to the fruit- it looks more juicy in person. I'll have to do another one.

Here are two oil on canvas; I just finished them and sent them to their homes. The first image is of my friend, Katie and her new baby Oscar. I am in need of more practice with people and skin but this isn't a terrible attempt. The second image is the beginning of the Highlands Sky 40 mile trail run that is put on in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. It was said that they all "look like they are peeing"-(let me repeat: I need more practice with people) so take it as you wish- but they are really just standing around waiting to start running with their little fuel belts and backpacks on in the foggy morning. Enjoy!