Monday, June 29, 2009

Here are two new images. I have been working on some 2"x3" oil monotypes lately to put in the gallery at Artists at Work. I am one of the featured artists this month and am hoping to be able to keep my space well stocked. I think these little studies are the answer for now. I'm working on some more note cards and such as well, but I like these little prints. The first image is of "Split Hickory" my Burky family's wagon from the early 1900's that is still alive today. I'm working on some pieces for our upcoming reunion as well and this just fit right in. The second image is a study of an old dilapidated hotel in Cooke City, Montana that was calling out to be painted as my husband and I were honeymooning last year. These are both great framed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New works

Here are three new images.

This is an oil painting on two canvases.
I will be displaying it unframed with a separation in the middle.
It will be for sale on and Artists at Work.

This is an oil on canvas that I framed myself with a recycled frame. I will be putting this one in my home. My husband loves the indian paintbrush flower from out west and all of his fishing trips. It is nice to sell work, but it is nice to decorate your own home, too. I forget sometimes to show off my work in my house for guests and relatives. It is important, too.

This image is an oil monotype that I made for a friend for her home. It is not for sale, but I have reproduced this image several times and it has been a more popular image for me. I am hoping to get into more snow/winter scenes as I finish up some more images from out west.