Monday, June 14, 2010


EEEEK!  Cardboard Shark!!  Once school is out, I get to work on Vacation Bible School props (this was a pretty enjoyable project).  I think the kids will have fun getting their pictures taken inside a shark's mouth for our "Deep Sea Adventure" this week....or they'll be scared by all of those teeth and pee their pants- who knows?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sketches at Dolly Sods

Here are two little watercolor sketches I did today while Adam ran around Dolly Sods.  The top painting is of the view from the South Prong Trail-head and the second is from the road looking at Bear Rocks.  I am trying to practice with a new little portable watercolor palette so I can at least make some sort of art work or "artwork" on the AT next May.  That darn water just sometimes doesn't do what I want it to do- I need to train it a little better!  I enjoyed being able to do plein-aire sketches more easily though (oils are SO messy and delicate) while crewing Adam.  I think this little portable set will work pretty well for the trip (maybe not the most glorious paintings I'll ever make, but it will tide me over for a few months away from my studio).  Enjoy!