Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sketches at Dolly Sods

Here are two little watercolor sketches I did today while Adam ran around Dolly Sods.  The top painting is of the view from the South Prong Trail-head and the second is from the road looking at Bear Rocks.  I am trying to practice with a new little portable watercolor palette so I can at least make some sort of art work or "artwork" on the AT next May.  That darn water just sometimes doesn't do what I want it to do- I need to train it a little better!  I enjoyed being able to do plein-aire sketches more easily though (oils are SO messy and delicate) while crewing Adam.  I think this little portable set will work pretty well for the trip (maybe not the most glorious paintings I'll ever make, but it will tide me over for a few months away from my studio).  Enjoy!

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Lori DiBacco said...

Nice work Kadra! It's exciting to hear that you're finding more ways of taking your art with you. I'm sure you'll have some wonderful opportunities along the AT! Great seeing both of you at the exhibit opening on Friday.