Sunday, November 15, 2009

This little jewel is now somewhere in the White House- yes, in D.C. This was commissioned as a gift for Michelle Obama during the presentation of a National Youth Program Award given to The Old Brick Playhouse for their apprentice program. The image is a hand-embellished oil monotype of the Lehmann family's shed on their farm in Helvetia. It truly feels like West Virginia to me. Serene. Simple. Beautiful. I am so pleased with our young theatre program and with the opportunity to have some big recognition in our little town.

These three images are from my current solo exhibit in the Randolph County Community Arts Center. The first image is an oil monotype called "Uncle Eddie" and was made from a slide image found in an old box of my great uncle's belongings. The second image is still life study in oil on canvas of a group of tomatoes from our garden this summer. The last image is an oil monotype of the old Shoemaker's Shop in Helvetia. The exhibit will be up at the Arts Center until Nov.25th. The Arts Center will receive a large portion of the sales of any work in the exhibit - so please go take a look and consider a significant gift for yourself, your friends, or your family to benefit a great Elkins non-profit.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I will have a new Solo Exhibit opening at the Randolph County Community Arts Center. The reception will be held on Friday, October 23, 2009 from 5-7pm in the Maxwell Gallery. My new work is part of a collection called "Taking Time" and consists of oil monotype prints and oil paintings.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Square-format oil on canvas. I was not too keen on the square canvas at first, but it is really neat to showcase specific objects this way. I sold this within the first few weeks it was at Artists at Work Gallery. I am working on a few more object studies and will probably continue with the square-format canvases even though they go mostly against what aesthetics say. They're cool! This picture does no justice to the fruit- it looks more juicy in person. I'll have to do another one.

Here are two oil on canvas; I just finished them and sent them to their homes. The first image is of my friend, Katie and her new baby Oscar. I am in need of more practice with people and skin but this isn't a terrible attempt. The second image is the beginning of the Highlands Sky 40 mile trail run that is put on in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. It was said that they all "look like they are peeing"-(let me repeat: I need more practice with people) so take it as you wish- but they are really just standing around waiting to start running with their little fuel belts and backpacks on in the foggy morning. Enjoy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

This is a large oil monotype that has been hand embellished to make the windows look deep and dark and the sky look smooth and blue. This is an old hotel in Cooke City, MT. I took this picture on my honeymoon last year and finally got around to doing a print (there are LOTS of images that I've been meaning to do- I'll get around to them soon). I just took this to the framer today and I think it will be a great new work down at Artists at Work. I'm excited!

Here is a little study of Camp Pioneer (again 2x3") that I've matted and framed. It's a terrible photo of the image, but you get the idea. I like these nice double-thick matts, they look a little more classy than the "one-ply".

Here is another little 2x3" study (it has already sold at AAW though). It's of little dresses hanging on a clothesline- how cute. It was hard to get those little hangers in there so I added some ink drawing on top of the monotype.

Here is a little 2x3" oil monotype study of squash blooms from the garden at home. I have been getting into these little studies lately as they are fairly quick and fun to print and experiment with new images and colors on a small scale. They are also easy to pack in a suitcase or set on a little table or shelf for those tourists and customers at my gallery in Elkins- (bonus).

Monday, June 29, 2009

Here are two new images. I have been working on some 2"x3" oil monotypes lately to put in the gallery at Artists at Work. I am one of the featured artists this month and am hoping to be able to keep my space well stocked. I think these little studies are the answer for now. I'm working on some more note cards and such as well, but I like these little prints. The first image is of "Split Hickory" my Burky family's wagon from the early 1900's that is still alive today. I'm working on some pieces for our upcoming reunion as well and this just fit right in. The second image is a study of an old dilapidated hotel in Cooke City, Montana that was calling out to be painted as my husband and I were honeymooning last year. These are both great framed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New works

Here are three new images.

This is an oil painting on two canvases.
I will be displaying it unframed with a separation in the middle.
It will be for sale on and Artists at Work.

This is an oil on canvas that I framed myself with a recycled frame. I will be putting this one in my home. My husband loves the indian paintbrush flower from out west and all of his fishing trips. It is nice to sell work, but it is nice to decorate your own home, too. I forget sometimes to show off my work in my house for guests and relatives. It is important, too.

This image is an oil monotype that I made for a friend for her home. It is not for sale, but I have reproduced this image several times and it has been a more popular image for me. I am hoping to get into more snow/winter scenes as I finish up some more images from out west.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New work on

I just posted the above images to my site (search thebluedoorstudio).

The first image is an original oil painting on canvas of the Massanutten Story Book Trail in Virginia where I could see a prescribed burn happening as my husband was running on the trails along Gap Creek (that exact area). A bit scary- but I obviously kept myself occupied with my second plein aire painting. The canvas is a 2" deep stretcher and is finished with black paint along the edges to give a more modern look and avoid a frame.

The second image is an original oil monotype of Cacapon State Forest that has been hand embellished. I started that piece last year and finally hand-embellished it and have it framed under glass with a white matte and a black frame- very sweet (if I do say so myself). I almost threw it out, but finally worked through my "art block" to make a nice little piece.

The last image is a digital photo of a native WV Trout that my husband caught and I happened to get a great image of it. Native fish are small but so beautiful; this one is in the Canaan Valley area. This image is printed in my own studio on photo paper using an inkjet printer and is available in 4x6 and 5x7 print size with matte board and archival backing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art and Craft Guild Award

Here are some photos from the West Virginia Art and Craft Guild's traveling show. It has just ended and I'll be picking up the two pieces pictured in Parkersburg soon! It was a great show. The first image is of me getting an award for "Goff Carriage House".

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Oh goodness- the fish. I just finished up this piece last week. I started this piece after a family reunion where one of my 150 cousins, Trevor and his brother Blaine caught these huge slimy beautiful fish in the "Bluehole" - as we call it. It had been on a board for almost a year and I decided to take some time and hand-embellish the monotype. I think I embellished / painted on top more than I usually do, BUT I got a great dry brush effect on the top layers for the highlights. I really am happy with the way it turned out and even took it to the will also be in my gallery space at Artists at Work next week. So exciting!

Here are three GELATIN Monoprints...monoprints are a little different than monotypes. I have enjoyed learning this process. These were not printed on archival paper because I was experimenting but I am happy with the results and look forward to working with more string and ribbons to do some non-objective pieces. It is a nice way to get my brain out of realism for a moment and just throw some things on the plate. I read about this process in Rayna Gillman's "Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth" and used paper instead. It's a neat book about textile art and shows some different techniques that could easily be implemented on paper.

This is a hand embellished oil monotype of Cacapon State Park. My husband went running around these trails and I took tons of photos and made sketches and FINALLY got this print finished up last week. I can't wait to see it framed. It will be in my gallery space at Artists at Work next week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, I am hoping to soon begin the process of moving my studio location to my garage at home. So far I am in the planning stage. I have a two level garage to work with, but it is messssy. The goal is for Spring.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Goff Carriage House

The piece listed below "Goff Carriage House" is being displayed in a traveling exhibit through the West Virginia Arts and Crafts Guild. It was in Parkersburg, WV and now it will be in Wheeling, WV then travel to Concord College Gallery to end the loop in April.

Go see it and my other piece called "White Diamond"- also a hand-embellished oil monotype.

my husband is awesome

Check out the link above- Yay Adam!! His first 100 was incredible.