Monday, August 17, 2009

This is a large oil monotype that has been hand embellished to make the windows look deep and dark and the sky look smooth and blue. This is an old hotel in Cooke City, MT. I took this picture on my honeymoon last year and finally got around to doing a print (there are LOTS of images that I've been meaning to do- I'll get around to them soon). I just took this to the framer today and I think it will be a great new work down at Artists at Work. I'm excited!

Here is a little study of Camp Pioneer (again 2x3") that I've matted and framed. It's a terrible photo of the image, but you get the idea. I like these nice double-thick matts, they look a little more classy than the "one-ply".

Here is another little 2x3" study (it has already sold at AAW though). It's of little dresses hanging on a clothesline- how cute. It was hard to get those little hangers in there so I added some ink drawing on top of the monotype.

Here is a little 2x3" oil monotype study of squash blooms from the garden at home. I have been getting into these little studies lately as they are fairly quick and fun to print and experiment with new images and colors on a small scale. They are also easy to pack in a suitcase or set on a little table or shelf for those tourists and customers at my gallery in Elkins- (bonus).